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Calendario de pared. OCEAN UNSEEN 2023
  • Calendario de pared. OCEAN UNSEEN 2023

Calendario de pared. OCEAN UNSEEN 2023

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Ocean Unseen Wall Calendar 2023: A Breathtaking Tour of the Ocean's Great Biodiversity
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This is the calendar that dives beneath the waves to offer a fascinating tour of a world that's so close, yet so far and so mysterious. Leather coral undulates in the current, a school of eagle rays swims in formation, a tiny pygmy seahorse blends in perfectly with its coral host. And a playful harbor seal gives an inquisitive glance. Each month, captions provide context for the images and describe the featured species in detail. A gift for nature lovers and anyone enchanted by the ocean, it's a gorgeous tribute to this diverse and fragile ecosystem and the creatures who inhabit it. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.

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