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Margherita Laera

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Margherita Laera is a Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre at the University of Kent, co-Director of the European Theatre Research Network and Arts Lead for Kent's Migration and Movement Signature Research Theme. She is an Executive Committee Member for the European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance and a Trustee of Actors' Touring Company. Margherita is the author of Theatre & Translation (2019) and Reaching Athens: Community, Democracy and Other Mythologies in Adaptations of Greek Tragedy (2013), and editor of Theatre and Adaptation: Return, Rewrite, Repeat (2014). She also works as a theatre translator from and into Italian and English.

Review Quotes:

''The book is an impressive undertaking, building cultural and creative bridges at a time when Europe needs these urgently. The book pursues dialogues across practices, institutions, stakeholders and individuals in a methodical and illuminating way, providing a framework that will be tremendously relevant to scholars, students and practitioners alike, well beyond national border lines. Such inspiring, applied internationalism is essential to contemporary theatre scholarship.'' Vicky Angelaki, Professor in English Literature, Mid Sweden University.

"The quantity of information orchestrated by Margherita Laera in this brief book is quite remarkable. Inspired by best practice from the furthest reaches of Europe - Iceland to Turkey - it provides extensive information on playwriting, theatre commissioning, funding, producing and reviewing practices, constituting an essential toolkit for keeping any theatre industry in excellent working order." Clare Finburgh Delijani, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Table of Contents:

List of Tables


Preface by Claudia Di Giacomo and Roberta Scaglione

Part I: At Work with Fabulamundi

1. At Work with Fabulamundi

Part II: Fabulamundi Workbook

2. Fabulamundi Workbook: A Report on Contemporary Playwriting and Theatre Translation Practices in Europe

Part III: Conversations

3. For A Common Cultural Space: A Conversation with Lejla Kalamujic and Tanja Sljivar about Playwriting in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro

4. Representing Nordic Playwrights: A Conversation with Literary Agent Hinriikka Lindqvist about Playwriting in Finland

5: From 'Fuck Story' to 'Whose Story?' A Conversation with Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson and Sigríður Jónsdóttir about Playwriting in Iceland

6. Cultivating Diversity Through Policy: A Conversation with Jenny Mijnhijmer About Playwriting in the Netherlands

7. We Have to Run Faster: A Conversation with Tiago Rodrigues and Marco Mendonça about Playwriting in Portugal

8. A New Beginning? A Conversation with Mark Levitas about Playwriting in Turkey


Publisher Marketing:

This book maps contemporary playwriting and theatre translation practices and ecologies in the European continent.

Whether you are a scholar researching contemporary drama and translation, or a theatre practitioner looking for ways to navigate theatrical conventions in other countries, this book is for you. Through questionnaires and one-to-one interviews with key stakeholders, Dr Laera collects qualitative and quantitative data about how each national theatre culture supports living dramatists, what conventions drive the production and translation (or lack thereof) of contemporary plays, and what perceptions are held by gatekeepers, theatre-makers and other cultural operators about the theatre system in which they work.

Through country-by-country descriptions and analyses; interviews with playwrights, translators, directors and gatekeepers; a list of key facts and best practices; and a rigorous assessment of its methodologies, this volume is indispensable for those interested in contemporary European theatre practice.

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