Libro de colorear. NORMAN ROCKWELL
  • Libro de colorear. NORMAN ROCKWELL

Libro de colorear. Norman Rockwell Coloring Book

35.000,00 $
  • By Norman Rockwell
  • Soft cover book with staple binding

    48 pages with 22 images to color

    Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed.

    Size: 8.5 x 11 x .25 in.

    ISBN 9780764950216

    ITEM CB100
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The expression “A picture is worth a thousand words” certainly describes Norman Rockwell’s paintings. The drawings created for this coloring book, based on his iconic illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post are good examples of that. Included are such classics as The RunawayCouple in Rumbleseat, and Marbles Champion. Engaging for young as well as mature colorists, this coloring book provides enjoyable escape for hours. Reproductions of the paintings are shown in miniature in full color on the inside front and back covers, so that you can follow Rockwell’s color palette, if you wish.


  1. Gramps at the Plate
  2. Boys Playing Leapfrog
  3. No Swimming
  4. Boy Lifting Weights
  5. Boy Making Football Tackle
  6. Boy and Girl Gazing at Moon
  7. Spring
  8. Dog Biting Man
  9. Doctor and Doll
  10. Men Racing to Fire
  11. Springtime: Boy with Rabbit
  12. Couple in Rumbleseat
  13. Little Boy Reaching in Grandfather’s Overcoat
  14. Road Line Painter’s Problem
  15. Football Hero
  16. Marble Champion
  17. Boy with Melting Ice Cream Cones
  18. Rosie the Riveter
  19. Girl with Black Eye
  20. The Optician
  21. The Runaway
  22. The Connoisseur
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