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$ 104,000.00 IVA incl.

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Fabricado con tela estampada, un innovador proceso, cada títere está diseñado con detalles de dimensionalidad. Medidas de la marioneta 5.75" x 5.25" x 17.'Para las edades de 6 en adelante.

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There's a town around here somewhere called Spudbottom. It’s a nice place if you can find it. The residents are friendly, for the most part, and the streets are full of strangely familiar faces…The Constable keeps the peace in Spudbottom and he takes his duty very seriously. In such a small town, he’s the Judge, Jury and Executioner. He’s got his eye on everyone--the Cabby, the Doctor, that pain-in-the-butt dog with the smirk. No one is above suspicion. Especially when it’s his job to protect sweet, innocent, adorable little ladies like Mother Hubbard. Not that the Constable would allow his heart to interfere with his work. He might allow his stomach to, though. One thing I’ve learned about “justice” in Spudbottom is that there’s no wrong that can’t be made right with a plump sausage or a freshly baked pie. The Spudbottom website is heaping with stories and fun. Watch and share puppet videos, unlock exclusive footage with your puppet's secret code, play games and explore our town without giving any personal information at the Spudbottom website. About Puppet Heap Playthings: Puppet Heap Playthings is all about inspiring people to share through stories and play. With our richly designed, classic yet utterly unique puppets, a world of stories is literally in your hands. Made using an innovative printed fabric process, every puppet is designed with a meticulous eye toward dimensionality and fine detail.


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